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The five sides of the monument feature the five branches of service. The City is requesting citizens to submit in writing the name, branch, and years of service of individuals (parents or grandparents) who live or lived in the City  so these names may be placed on the monument free of charge.
If you have or know a special veteran, citizen, or person who deserves recognition, contact City Hall to purchase a brick that will immortalize them in our new Veterans Freedom Park.
Bricks are available for $50 each. Make sure your special honoree gets the recognition and thanks they deserve with a brick with their name to be placed around the Veterans Monument.
Please contact City Hall to participate in our Buy a Brick Program and help sponsor this monument to honor our Veterans who risked their lives daily for our freedom and those who deserve special recognition.

Veterans Monument

  • December 15, 2016
         Council Meeting 7:00pm​
  • December 23 & 26, 2016
         Closed - Merry Christmas! 

​Important Information for Citizens 
with Functional & Medical Needs
Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) is in the process of forming a Functional and Medical Needs Registry which is made up of residents who may require transport and medical assistance during a hurricane evacuation and have no other resources such as family, friends, neighbors, or church members to help them. Those on the Registry will be evacuated to an American Red Cross shelter in an inland county that will likely be in a gymnasium or similar setting and could be several hours away. The Registry is truly a last resort, but if a hurricane is threatening our area, it is important that health department officials know where the most vulnerable residents are located so that evacuation assistance can be provided to them. Residents must apply to be on the registry. To apply, residents should call 912-691-7443. The application and protected health information authorization form can also be downloaded by going to  and clicking on the Functional and Medical Needs Registration Information link under Chatham County Information.

Important Information
January 5, 2017 7:00p.m.
The City of Bloomingdale will conduct a Public Hearing on January 5, 2017 at 7:00p.m. at City Hall to seek citizen input on a proposal submitted by the Exchange Club of Savannah. The proposal is to hold the Coastal Empire Fair at Ottawa Farms at 702 Bloomingdale Road on November 2, 2017 thru November 12, 2017. This requires approval by the Bloomingdale City Council. All interested citizens are encouraged to attend.


Christmas Decorating Contest Application

The City's Goal is to have ALL storm related debris collected by December 31st. After December 15th, a fee will be assessed for collection of debris that is out for pick up.
Thank you to all our citizens for your cooperation!